anton pieete - its a plucker

Artistaanton pieete
Titolo its a plucker
a. its a plucker
b. ambi dancer

  • its a plucker
  • ambi dancer
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  • ID Prodotto: 38867
  • Codice Articolo: rej026


after the release of the mega sultry remix of "let's go juno" with fellow district one partner bart skills, it's no surprise rejected had to have dutchman anton pieete back for rej026. pieete certainly shows his consistency at producing driving patterns and original grooves and "it's a plucker" e.p. is no exception. straight from the cue "it's a plucker" has a clean and crispy percussive loop that's perfectly patterned, flowing throughout this highly addictive percussive ride. combined with the balance of a nitty-gritty jazzinfused hook and a trademark deep and dubby bass. over on the b side "ambidancer" drives in full power into a bouncy, groove-ridden bassline. pieete seamlessly introduces an eerie sounding synth combined with siren elements that work effortlessly together, giving the track a mysterious touch. perfect for those late night dark dance floorsa. its a plucker
b. ambi dancer


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