tek-house vocal dark-house

monoloc & daniel wilde - it's mine

Artistamonoloc & daniel wilde
Titolo it's mine
Generetek-house vocal dark-house
a. it's mine (henrik schwarz remix)
b1. it's mine (original)
b2. it's mine (instrumental)

  • its mine (henrik schwarz remix)
  • its mine - original
  • its mine - instrumental
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  • ID Prodotto: 39184
  • Codice Articolo: clr064


monoloc's debut album "drift" is finally out on clr and the first single is a perfect example of the open minded concept of this outstanding long-player by the frankfurt born and based dj/producer. for "it's mine" he teamed up with singer and producer daniel wilde who wrote a haunting tale about possessive love and adapted it effortlessly to his well-known sophisticated techno sound. wilde's soulful voice adds a very special atmosphere to the deep and driving track, defying all conventions and playfully ignoring any alleged limitations of this genre. monoloc has proven many times to be able to combine seemingly opposite musical influences in his productions, but with this track he has definitely mastered a new challenge. it makes perfect sense that the artist to be called on the remix duties is someone with an eclectic musical background like henrik schwarz, someone who can really appreciate and live up to the tightrope walk of such a venture. his soul background and his history as a techno dj and producer seemed to predestine him for this remix-job and the result is an impressive version of this song with a unique handwriting and vibe. the vinyl features the remix, the original and an instrumental version, the digital e.p. features those three mixes plus an additional radio edit. we hope this first single makes you curious to hear the rest of monoloc's musically sophisticated and in spite of all the love for details pleasantly dirty debut albuma. it's mine (henrik schwarz remix)
b1. it's mine (original)
b2. it's mine (instrumental)


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