nu-pop house nu-disco vocal

night plane - heartbeat

Artistanight plane
Titolo heartbeat
Etichettasoul clap (7'')
Generenu-pop house nu-disco vocal
a. heartbeat
b. heartbeat (instrumental)

  • heartbeat
  • heartbeat (instrumental)
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  • ID Prodotto: 38986
  • Codice Articolo: scr7001


"heartbeat" is about being so full of feelings for another person that it almost freaks you out. i knew casey had to sing the vocal because he's capable of this big roaring- lion singing which i felt the song needed. casey lives in chicago and we had to wait until he came to ny to do the vocal because he was afraid of singing that loudly in his apartment building, and when he got to ny i made him belt it out until he was red in the face. i'm really happy with the guitar. i don't know how to play guitar at all, so the fact that it sounds cool is a minor miracle." - night planea. heartbeat
b. heartbeat (instrumental)


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