raffaele attanasio - der himmel uber berlin

Artistaraffaele attanasio
Titolo der himmel uber berlin
a. der himmel uber berlin (original)
b. piano solo version

  • der himmel uber berlin (original)
  • piano solo version
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  • ID Prodotto: 39251
  • Codice Articolo: envlp12001


the pianist, arranger and producer raffaele attanasio signing the first record of the newcomer label envlp imprint. the releases includes two versions of the song "der himmel uber berlin", an 'original' and a 'solo piano'. with 90's of last century, detroit techno had begun to take root outside of its traditional american soil, affecting many european artists. this record is the confirmation, the influences are palpable for this track that contains: solid groove, kick in 4/4, drum machines, analog symphonic melodies and flavors. the version of "solo piano" pushes the artistic expression of the producer to a higher level and gives the disc a double face, one for the listeners and the other for the dj'sa. der himmel uber berlin (original)
b. piano solo version


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