tek-house minimal

uner - phamovi e.p.

Titolo phamovi e.p.
Generetek-house minimal
a. phantast
b1. monamen
b2. viaje con marcos

  • phantast
  • monamen
  • viaje con marcos
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  • Codice Articolo: cor12105


spanish dj and producer uner is looking back on an impressive but intense career. after first milestones on top notch labels like saved and diynamic he scored even more points with his last releases on the überlabels cadenza and visionquest which made him one of the most wanted minimal-techno-producers around.uner is a child of the digital age. no pseudo retro-analog-attacks here and no looking at the berlin hipster crowd. and he continues in that direction with his cocoon recordings debut. vocal samples and spacy sound-fragments meet warm and hypnotic arpeggio-synths. there is a lot of room and deepness in here that creates a dreamy atmosphere which is hard to find in techno-productions these days. the perfect package to make into the summer-open-air-season (finally!). sun come out and let us shine, we got the music!a. phantast
b1. monamen
b2. viaje con marcos


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