house minimal vocal

v.a. - trauriger sonntag e.p.

Titolo trauriger sonntag e.p.
Generehouse minimal vocal
a. heinrichs & hirtenfellner
b1. sascha braemer & dan caster
b2. rené bourgeois & andy kohlmann

  • heinrichs & hirtenfellner
  • sascha braemer & dan caster
  • rené bourgeois & andy kohlmann
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  • ID Prodotto: 39037
  • Codice Articolo: supdub029


an outstanding highlight in this year's late summer is presented by the stars of the berlin label supdub. for this year's first time the dj duo heinrichs & hirtenfellner (also well known as alfred heinrichs & sascha braemer) is producing together again. resulting in the ep sad sunday, they created a true appetizer for their upcoming album. however this is not all to the new e.p.. in addition to heinrichs & hirtenfellner's new song, dan caster & sascha braemer as well as rené bourgeois & andy kohlmann created their very own interpretation of this marvellous sunday after hour feeling disguised in a song. their work will also be found on the new ep. the new song creation sad sunday has already been successfully performed by the duo on various gigs. thus, the idea developed to eternalize the track(s) respectively as original(s) together on an own disk. listening to this good piece of music, the intention of the creators will soon be crystal clear - to transfer the well known feeling that arouses after the party stops and you slowly come back down to earth, realizing that you left the wonderful party dreamland behind and are now heading back towards your daily routine. furthermore the track tries to foment the desire for the next weekend by being endowed with deep and exhaustive vocals. the sad sunday e.p. is implementing its theme on all levels, providing a formidable sound for a frolic sound pleasurea. heinrichs & hirtenfellner
b1. sascha braemer & dan caster
b2. rené bourgeois & andy kohlmann


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