house tek minimal unmixed

v.a. - youth invasion (issue 002)

Titolo youth invasion (issue 002)
Etichettayouth invasion
Generehouse tek minimal unmixed
a. atlantzii - antilopa
b1. egal 3 - remaster
b2. derek - skjape

  • atlantzii - antilopa
  • egal 3 - remaster
  • derek - skjape
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  • ID Prodotto: 38989
  • Codice Articolo: yim002


a romanian collective of 3 different artist. each track based around a funk within each bassline. all inviting the listener to the dance floor. atlantziiduo comes from bucharest with a strong base around natural drums & percussions. their track "antilopa" a warm bass that brings out the groove as the gentle ambient pad drifts across drops of wood blocks and open hats egal 3 is no stranger having been on the tongues and tables of many clubs the past 2 years. this young addition the yimuzik family grimes out "remaster" for b1. funky bass hook grabs the listener building up to the piano drop. melody overlaps snare rolls as the blessing vocal sample gives praise. derek, another stallion to yimuzik stable, spices things up with "skjape"on b2.  a storm of rhythm with a rounder bass and touch of rawnessa. atlantzii - antilopa
b1. egal 3 - remaster
b2. derek - skjape


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