15 inches active subwoofers


yamaha dxs15-lf 15-inch powered subwoofer, 5 "ferrite coil, 1600 watt peak power, 1230w program, integrated dsp, xlr combo inputs - jack, thru output for cascade or dsp out connections, wooden cabinet.
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like the full-range dzr models, the dxs xlf subwoofers are powered by high-powered 96khz dsp processors and use dynamic equalizer. integrated d-xsub lf processing allows total management of the lower frequencies with the normal mode set for an ideally balanced low-frequency response, while the boost mode provides narrower and more concentrated bass with an extra punch. the xtended lf mode further lowers bass frequencies for loud bass and offers an extension of the low frequencies ever seen by a cabinet of this size. the choice of cardioid mode significantly decreases the sound pressure on the stage while increasing the output directed to the audience, creating a much cleaner monitoring environment. to follow we list the main features:

- active subwoofer, bass reflex
- frequency response: 33hz - 150hz
- woofer: 15 ", coil 5", ferrite magnet
- sampling frequency: 96khz and filter fir
- converters to / from: 96khz
- maximum spl: 136db
- amplifier: class d
- output power: 1600w (dynamic), 1230w (continued)
- analogue inputs: combo x2, line level (max + 24dbu), input impedance 20k?
- analog outputs: xlr3-32 x2, ch1 / 2: thru or dsp out
- connections: usb2.0 host 5v 500ma
- cooling: cooling fan, variable speed
- handles: 2x aluminum pessofusion handles
- stand flange: 1x m20
- cabinet: multilayer wood repainted in hypoxic
- black colour
- dimensions: 400 x 587 x 600 mm
- weight: 40kg

n.b. - the manufacturer reserves the right to change its characteristics, in line with technological developments and without notice, in order to improve it qualitatively and aesthetically


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