5 inches active monitors


2.5-way tri-amplified studio monitor with two passive radiators, woofers equipped with a new flax cone and the last "m" shaped aluminum / magnesium inverted dome tweeter
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focal shape twin is a professional tri-amplified studio monitor made entirely in france and designed to meet nearfield monitoring needs by combining simple design and numerous settings optimized for the acoustics of small listening rooms. stands out for its excellent rendering over the entire audio spectrum, its wide frequency response in the low end and the high spl despite its compact size making it easy to integrate even in the narrowest rooms. its 2.5-way design gives it a real advantage when it comes to controlling the low and medium-low ranges that are the most difficult to adjust in small rooms. the five twin shape innovations have a remarkable tonal balance, with very large and precise stereo imaging. the low frequencies are well defined and controlled, while the medium-low and medium ranges provide a neutral sound. to follow we list the main features:

- amplification configuration: 2.5 way tri-amplified
- driver lf: 5 "woofer
- driver type driver lf: flax sandwich
- mf driver: 5 "
- driver type mf: flax sandwich
- driver hf: 1 "
- driver type hf: inverted aluminum-magnesium dome in the shape of m
- lf driver amplifier: 80w
- mf driver amplifier: 80w
- hf driver amplifier: 50w
- total power: 210w in class ab
- frequency response: 40hz-35khz
- maximum peak spl: 110.5db spl @ 1m
- input types: 1 xlr and 1 rca
- type of cabinet: ported
- material of the cabinet: 15mm medium density fiber with natural walnut veneer
- dimensions (mm): 478 x 211 x 279
- weight (kg): 11

n.b. - the manufacturer reserves the right to modify its characteristics, in line with technological developments and without prior notice, in order to improve it qualitatively and aesthetically


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