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the STUDIOLIVE AR12 USB is an analogue mixer with 12 + 2 channels, with integrated digital recorder + bluetooth able to handle signals coming from any audio source
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this 12 + 2 channel analogue bluetooth mixer, with USB digital recorder, has all the necessary connections to mix and record live, in the studio or during the test sessions. each of the 8 mono and 4 stereo channels include 60 mm faders for volume control, mic input with preamp in class a and 3-band equalizer. 2 inserts are also available (channels 1 and 2) to use external effects. in addition to the main outputs, it has 2 monitor outputs with a dedicated bus (for on-stage listening) and a headphone or in-ear system amp. furthermore, being also a studio mixer, it is provided with control-room outputs with volume control for studio listening. all the 8 mono channels are equipped with an XLR connector with a class A microphone preamp, line input, low-pass filter, mute, pan and only with pre-listening. stereo channels (9 to 14) have the same characteristics, but with left and right line inputs and mic input only on odd channels. thanks to this equipment it is possible to connect microphones, keyboards and much more with the same controls available on larger mixers. phantom power can be enabled (to use condenser microphones) or power off when dynamic microphones are used. all channels are provided with semi-parametric 3-band eq for precise control of the timbre of each instrument. during use it is possible to appreciate the variety of its connections, in addition to discover that this mixer handles practically any signal from any audio source. the main features follow:

- record multitrack audio while mixing, so it is ideal for live set, rehearsal and podcasting
- create a front end for your home studio
- send all the main tracks to the daw studio one artist 3 software (included)
- 32gb sdhc card reader to record entire shows in stereo for immediate access
- 8x mono and 4 stereo channels with +48 volt phantom power, pan, mute and pfl only
- 8x microphone preamps in class to capture clear vocals, guitars and drums
- 12x and 3 analogue, semi-parametric and fixed bands, to sculpt your mixes
- low-cut musical filters
- 16x digital reverbs, delay and chorus add space and consistency to the sources
- 4.1-channel bluetooth for streaming audio from the phone, also has stereo and phono inputs for other music players
- 60 mm faders for quick adjustments up to fine vocal adjustments
- 2x monitor bus with dedicated channel send
- xlr stereo outputs for speakers, studio monitor, stage and headphone outputs
- USB 2.0 support
- dimensions (mm): 402 x 390 x 95h
- weight (kg): 5.4

N.B. - the manufacturer reserves the right to change its characteristics, in line with technological developments and without notice, in order to improve it qualitatively and aesthetically


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