dj controller midi/usb with serato dj lite
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two-channel usb midi controller with integrated audio interface designed for people who want to take their first steps in computer based mixing. what distinguishes the party mix DJs from other products of this kind is the three led lights located on the rear panel that will create compelling light effects (rgb), to give that extra touch of fun to your parties or at your home. the layout of this compact console plays a classic dj set-up, with a two-channel midi mixer flanked by two decks for controlling tracks loaded on mixing software. each deck has a wheel to scrub (finding a point on tracks) and scratch, 4 pad can be configured in three different modes (hot cues, loop and sampler), three transport buttons (cue, play, sync), fader for the correction of the bpm rate (pitch control) and a button for activating the cued in headphones. all the pads and all buttons are backlit for improved viewing in low- light situations from. the two mixer channels midi include 3 faders and Rotary potentiometers. emulating a traditional console appearance in party mix dj could not miss a crossfader to close the mixer section. between the two channels are placed the commands for searching and track loading from the browser to the virtual decks of mixing software, then a large potentiometer with pressure function and two buttons "load" respectively devoted to inserting the selected track in tape deck 1 or 2. as for the master output volume management and cued in headphones, always at the center of the mixer there are two rotary potentiometers dedicated, to which he adds a third "cue mix" useful headphone mixing between the master and deck signal sent to the PFL (the latter function returns useful when you want to train by mixing on headphones). following are the main features:

- control surface for dj software
- usb midi controller with audio interface
- 3 rgb LEDs for light effects
- 2 x deck with wheel to scratch + 4 + pad pitch control
- 3 hot cue pads, play and sync
- midi mixer 2 channels: fader + eq. 3 bande
- master outputs and monitoring
- usb device class-compliant, no drivers required

n.b. - the manufacturer reserves the right to modify the characteristics, in line with technological developments and without notice in order to improve it qualitatively and aesthetically


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