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SAVAREZ 520R MUTA (set tensione alta)

set of 6 strings for classical red card guitar (red pack), high tension
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the high savarez are made of rectified nylon characterized by a characteristic unpolished finish. this grain contributes to a decrease in high tones. because of their consistency, high strings are particularly controllable with regard to bending and stability. the characteristics of their sound make the timbre particularly sharp and true. the bass is warm and soft, their sound is strong overall.
this tension is the most used. for this reason, the most recent string sets (alliance / ht classic, alliance corum, corum new cristal) are also called "" normal tension "" although they offer a medium / high tension.

the set consists of:

- high strings made of rectified nylon;
- low strings made of traditional winding.

- material: nylon
- cover: silver plated
- scaling: 028, 032, 040, 030, 034, 042

n.b. - the manufacturer reserves the right to modify its characteristics, in line with technological developments and without prior notice, in order to improve it qualitatively and aesthetically


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