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4-channel analogue mixer with analog or usb inputs and outputs, 3-band equalizer, phono input, microphone channel
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numark m6 usb is a 4-channel analogue mixer addressed to DJs and clubs, to which it is possible to connect CD players, line sources and turntables (phono), it also has a USB input for the plug 'n' play computer connection ( pc or mac). the usb port adds a stereo input and output to the computer. the input allows you to record what you do with the mixer, such as, for example, record your own mixes, or dump your own vinyl records (recording audio on any audio editing software). the output that is added to the computer is instead diverted to channel 3, in which it is possible to listen and intervene with gain and channel eq on the signal coming from the computer, to mix it with the other sources connected to the mixer. each of the 4 channels has a 3-band equalizer, led meter and gain, in addition the crossfader offers a switch for adjusting the fade curve and is replaceable if necessary. to follow we list the main features:

- 4-channel analogue mixer
- 2 channels with switchable line / phono inputs
- channel 3 switchable line / usb
- channel 4 switchable line / mic
- 3-band eq with gain and meter on each channel
- balanced master output xlr and rca
- booth output (rca) with dedicated volume control
- dedicated microphone channel with eq 3 bands
- usb port for i / o on mac & pc computer
- dimensions (mm): 320 x 362 x 102
- weight (kg): 4.6

N.B. - the manufacturer reserves the right to modify its characteristics, in line with technological developments and without prior notice, in order to improve it qualitatively and aesthetically


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